The eData-Pool: central data hub for manufacturers and retailers.

The eData-Pool enables you to collect, manage, edit and distribute your data centrally. As a manufacturer, you control which customers are allowed to receive your data or release it generally for affiliated distributors. As a dealer, you receive the data directly from the manufacturer, can create your own assortments or subsets, and can export the data directly via BMEcat to your target systems. The interaction between manufacturer and distributor in the eData pool significantly increases the effectiveness of data distribution and processing, so that all participants benefit.


Product entries in the database

>30 Manufacturer

>70 Distributors


Benefits for manufacturer

  • Access to a large number of technical distributors
  • Easy product data distribution to your customers
  • One format for all your customers
  • Easy data update for your customers
  • Participation in the SDCC (swissavant)

Benefits for distributors

  • One source for your product master data
  • Product master data directly from the manufacturer incl. media
  • Uniform classification according to ECLASS
  • Creation of own assortments through sub-projects
  • Versatile export and connectivity options


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