The system helps us to manage our master data in a structured and efficient way and to provide it to our customers in high quality. The operation is clearly structured and can be done intuitively.

Christof Haefeli – Geschäftsführer

About the customer

Blaser+Trösch AG is a reliable and competent partner for the hardware and household trade as well as for wholesale and online trade.


The digitalization of the market increasingly requires full data availability and specifies certain formats. It is important to Blaser+Trösch AG to always be up to date here and to be able to provide the product information in high quality. From an entrepreneurial point of view, this simplification means processing everything on one platform and reducing overhead costs.

entitys solutions

With, a data model was designed based on the existing material group. Redundant characteristics and units were harmonized by module. Product descriptions are now described uniformly and with a value list per characteristic, it is ensured that the data quality remains consistently high. The ERP data is imported through a reusable template via the ruleset. This data is manipulated during execution and imported harmonized into the new data model. The product data (BMEcat) is stored from directly on the FTP server provided by the channels.

Business Impact

The customers of Blaser+Trösch AG receive current master data, product description as well as current prices and stock availability without additional processing of the data. Through the respective interface specified by the customer, the data is transmitted at the desired time.

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