The ability to harmonize and manage the complex data from all directions (customers, suppliers, platforms) and that too for future automated updates makes so efficient and valuable.

Klaus Schülzky – Geschäftsführer

About the customer

C.A.LOEWE is the leading technical wholesaler in Berlin and Brandenburg for technical products and articles of personal protective equipment PPE for industry and trade.


Different supplier data had to be harmonized manually with a lot of effort and made available to the different channels (e.g. store, ERP, customer). The description and derivation formats, such as a BMEcat, are usually specified by the channel. Product information could only be managed rudimentarily in the ERP, and data maintenance was correspondingly error-prone and inefficient.

entitys solutions

With, supplier data is imported on the basis of a separate set of rules per supplier. This data is automatically manipulated during the import and harmonized in the catalog. In addition to the BMEcat derivative (store), Excel exports are also available for the channels – which can be configured individually. Product data is now maintained and enriched in as a central location. is closely coupled with the ERP to enable a smooth exchange of data.

Business Impact

More efficient data maintenance through stored routines (set of rules, import template) which can be used by every user – no master knowledge. Automatic updates and regular extensions are simple and efficient – for the benefit of the customer.

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