The VTH eData pool provides all technical dealers and manufacturers with a solution that provides the required data quality and offers high efficiency and cost benefits.

The Executive Board Member Dipl.-Volksw. Thomas Vierhaus

About the customer

The Technical Trade Association is a key partner for the industry. It supports its members in the digital transformation by consistently and intensively anticipating this change and developing concrete action steps that can be implemented. Unique for an association is the cooperation with providers, such as IFCC GmbH, in order to be able to provide its members with concrete “tools”. Together, the VTH eData pool was established on the market.


Due to digitization, internationalization of the market, and structural changes in their own industry, there is pressure to reduce overhead costs, but also a virtual compulsion to digitize business processes across companies. Thus, description and derivation formats are increasingly specified by the industry. This also applies to the quality of product information.

entitys solutions data hub

Distributors and manufacturers have access to up-to-date and high-quality product master data. By making the data available centrally, all participants also benefit from noticeable efficiency and cost advantages in master data management.

Business Impact

Participants receive classified master data that is also routed to internal applications such as ERP and stores without additional processing on platforms. The manual effort required for data preparation is reduced by an average of 80%, while flexibility is increased at the same time. Customers can be served quickly and individually.

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